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Access Control Systems

ZK access control systems are built on flexible, open technology to provide management, real-time monitoring, and control of your access control system—all from a Browser, with no additional software to install. It adopts web-hosted structure and centralized online administration which allows you to easily manage all your access points at a single location.


  • Integration with other security systems
  • Support different wiegand formats; can connect to different readers including ID card readers and Mifare card readers
  • Input/output ports to control doors
  • Connect with variety of sensors, alarms, exit buttons, electric lock and other devices.
  • Support TCP/IP and RS485 communication
  • Real-time door status monitoring
  • Management software can realize real-time monitoring, control of door opening and closing of the whole system.
  • Function of Interlock and Anti-passback
  • Link different doors with special logic, e.g. one door is open, other doors are closed.
  • Multi-card operation


ZK lift control systems are specifically designed for lift control. The EC10 panel and EX16 floor extension boards provide customers with the most secure, scalable, versatile and affordable access control solution for lifts. Floor access can be restricted based on various user credentials including fingerprint, proximity card and/or password. Pre-defined time schedules can also be used to control floor access.  During normal visitor/business hours, unrestricted floor access can also be permitted (aka Passage mode).The EC10 Elevator Control Panel can restrict access up to ten floors.  The EX16 Elevator Floor Extension Boards restrict access up to sixteen floors.  Each EC10 controller can support up to three EX16 boards.  When combined, a total fifty eight (58) floors can be controlled with a single EC10 bundle.  Note EC10 panels can be daisy-chained together to control as many floors as desired. Our powerful yet easy to use software makes the elevator control system very easy to manage.  SDK available for software companies wishing to integrate the system.